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Is Ellen on Fire?

CSR on phone: May I speak with Ellen*?
Oth­er line: Who?
CSR on phone: Ellen.
Oth­er line: Ellen? This is a fire sta­tion. It does­n’t ring a bell.

14610 IH 10 West
San An­to­nio, Texas

Over­heard by: ke­lynsh

Re­quir­ing a Con­stant Air­flow Across Her Cool­ing Fins

La­dy #1: Yeah, so I saw Evie* over at the cour­t­house, and she yells at me, ‘Yo, girl, you wearin’ panties?’ And so I say back, ‘Yeah, I sho’ am!’ Her moth­er gets right up and tells me she ain’t wearin’ any panties.
La­dy #2: Ha­ha. Why she at court?
La­dy #1: Some pro­ba­tion thing.

1340 For­est Av­enue
Port­land, Maine

Over­heard by: Reg­gie Queen