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Haven’t You Seen the Prequel?

Receptionist #1: How could we have known what happened 10 thousand years ago if Jesus lived only two thousand years ago?
Receptionist #2: Because people before Jesus wrote things down in the Bible.
Receptionist #1: There were people before Jesus?

1600 Utica Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overheard by: the saga continues

Did I Sound Like a Big, Angry Guy or a Soft-Spoken Lad with a British Accent?

Cube-dweller (on phone): Thank you for calling , Andy speaking.
Customer: Can I speak to Charles, please?
Cube-dweller: Speaking.
Customer: Oh, I thought you said you were Andy?
Cube-dweller: Yes.
Customer: So…you're Andy and Charles?
Cube-dweller: Yes.
Customer: Okay… Well, I'm returning your call.


Overheard by: Andy. I mean, Charles.