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You Must Be the Other White Girl

Male desk jockey to female desk jockey: Wow! Nice throw, Sally! That was great!
Female desk jockey: (silent stare)
Male desk jockey to other coworkers: Did you guys see that? Sally just got her shot in the bin from four desks away!
Other coworkers: (silent stares)
Female desk jockey, shouting: My name is Claire, you asshole! I've been sitting next to you for six months and you still don't know my name! I hate this fucking place so much!


Overheard by: crr

My Tumor’s Gestating Nicely, Though

Worker bee to another: … So she said it was fine that she’s smoking a pack a day while she’s pregnant. She doesn’t mind if the baby comes out a little small.
Another worker, from across the room: I’ve been smoking since I was 16, and my baby still isn’t born!

Chesterfield, Missouri

Overheard by: my mom smoked with me too…

9AM Back to Work

Co-worker on phone: When she goes to a restaurant, does she normally take it off?…Does she normally read the newspaper?…And the pouch, were you able to stick your hands all the way down in the back?

37383 Six Mile Road
Livonia, Michigan

Overheard by: Next Door Nancy