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Weren’t They the Ones Who Did­dled Saca­gawea?

Se­cu­ri­ty guard #1: Well you know Hitler’s moth­er was Jew­ish.
Su­per­vi­sor: I know! Would­n’t Freud have had a field day with that?
Se­cu­ri­ty guard #2: Who?
Su­per­vi­sor: You know, Sig­mund Freud?
Se­cu­ri­ty guard #2: Oh, the ma­gi­cian?
Se­cu­ri­ty guard #1: What?
Se­cu­ri­ty guard #2: You know, the ma­gi­cian with the tigers?
Su­per­vi­sor: Thats Sigfried and Roy!

Lake­port, Cal­i­for­nia

…Um, and How We Miss You Here

Of­fice­mate, call­ing cowork­er on the oth­er coast: Ho­la, ma­maci­ta! Oh noth­ing, just eat­ing some tu­na and I thought of you…

Mid­dle­boro, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Roast Beef

3PM Smoke Break

Re­al Es­tate Agent: So she to­tal­ly knows this guy that’s on The Re­al OC; he’s a loan guy that she used to work with.
Loan Rep: What char­ac­ter does he play?
Re­al Es­tate Agent: He’s a loan rep.
Loan Rep: I know, but what char­ac­ter does he play?

22342 Aveni­da Em­pre­sa
Ran­cho San­ta Mar­gari­ta, Cal­i­for­nia