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Why the President Stopped Conducting His Own Transactions

Customer: I need to send an international wire transfer for 1,000 euros please.
Teller: Okay, let me check…yeah, we can do that. How much is that in money?
Customer: Excuse me?
Teller: How much is that in money?
Customer: Do you mean how much is it in US dollars?
Teller: Yeah, how much is it in money?

Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Currency Expert

And Even All through His Funeral

Admin on cell: He has to see a urologist — the Viagra didn’t work… The fucking clinic told him to get herbal supplements at Wal-Mart, and it worked. He was a squirting flagpole for hours!

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Overheard by: Hallwalker

As It Is, I Sleep Here

Male coworker to another: We need to squeeze that in today. Are you doable?

Kenilworth, New Jersey