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But, Sadly, Never in the Same Room As a Map

Manager: Be sure that you take a coat with you if go over there, because when it’s warm here, it’s cold there.
Employee: In England?
Manager: Yeah, their summer is like our winter.
Employee: I don’t think so.
Manager, frustrated: Well, it’s true. I went there in May, and it was freezing. I had to wear a jacket all the time. They’re in, like, a different hemisphere, or something.
Employee, laughing: No, they aren’t. They’re just further North than we are, and their climate’s a little different. Australia’s in a different hemisphere. England is in the same hemisphere that we are — North… West.
Manager, in a cold fury: Look. I’ve been there.

Hamilton Drive
Smithfield, North Carolina

Overheard by: westward ho

The First Stage Of Work Grief Is Denial

Coworker receiving work back that wasn’t done properly: No way! I know I did it right! I must have a computer virus. Maybe I need a defrag? There’s no way I had errors! I triple checked it!

York, Pennsylvania

5PM See You Then!

Assistant: What year is it now?
Manager: 2005
Assistant : Still? Okay! It’s so easy to forget what year it is, isn’t it?
Manager: Not really.
Assistant: So it’s 2006 in–
Manager: January 1st!

Commercial Road
Hull, East Yorkshire

Overheard by: Simon Green 

*Shakes Head*

Man #1: Can you help me? Because you look pretty intelligent.
Man #2: <nods head>
Man #1 (pulls out son’s math homework): <reads question from math homework>

Library; Tampa, FL