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Why Anyone Would Speed To Work is Beyond Me

Co-worker #1: We should send out a memo about unsafe driving.
Boss: Was the unsafe driving on company property?
Co-worker #1: No.
Boss: Was the unsafe driving in a company vehicle?
Co-worker #1: No.
Co-worker #2: Then there’s nothing the company can do about it. I mean, I speed to work all of the time.

3 Alcan Highway
Kitimat, British Columbia

Overheard by: Nemisis 

In Tribute to What God Did on the Eighth Day

Worship leader: So, we’re gonna drop the last verse of ‘Awesome God.’ I think it sounds better that way.
Pastor: Okay, anything else?
Young worship musician: Well, I gotta blow outta here pretty soon.
Pastor: So, let me get this straight — he’s dropping and you’re blowing?

Charlotte, North Carolina

NewsFlash: Indianapolis Churro Scandal!

Newbie: I need to use the restroom.
Waiter: If you need to shit you’d better get here before the Mexicans get in the employee bathroom. I don’t know what the fuck they eat, but their shit smells like it has sugar on it.

Circle Centre Mall
Indianapolis, Indiana