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Guess Who Wrote “Average” on the Feedback Sheet

Female coworker: So, how was it?
Male coworker: Oh my god. We put the phone on mute and talked amongst ourselves. The other two people left the room, I don't know where they are.
Female coworker: Painful, right?
Male coworker: St. Patrick used that presentation to drive the snakes out of Ireland. He played it and after an hour the snakes had enough.
Female coworker: He's the worst. I have no idea how someone allows him to put his pistol in their holster.
Male coworker: I like that one. I would rather beat off with a cheese grater than listen to that again.

Manhattan, New York

I Mean, I Am Your… Line, Please?

Waiter: Señorita, would you like something to drink?
Guest: Si, a mojito, please.
Waiter: Muy bien. And señora — if you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask me. I am your master. I mean, you are my master. No… Uh… I am here to serve you.

Hotel bar
San Jose
Costa Rica

Overheard by: Pura Vida