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4PM Break Room

Coworker #1: Hey, how’s it going?
Coworker #2: Good, how’re you doing?
Coworker #1: Not bad — it’s almost Friday.
Coworker #2: It is Friday!
Coworker #1: Really?! It’s Friday? That’s awesome! I thought it was Thursday!
Coworker #2: It’s Friday for me — I’ve got tomorrow off.

10750 Wheat First Drive
Glen Allen, Virginia

You Win This Round, My Evil Queen

Chick: Hello?
Dude: Hey.
Chick: Take me off speakerphone!
Dude: [Picks up phone] Don’t order me around like that!
Chick: Ha, ha… I like how you took me off speakerphone first and then told me not to order you around.
Dude: You are such a princess… Am I on speakerphone?
Chick: Yup.
Dude: Jerk.

403 & Highway 10
Mississauga, Ontario

Overheard by: who’s the boss?