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…A Crème De Menthe Frappé Hardly Counts

Male employee: Did you see the check stop?
Female employee: What? Where!
Male employee: Right outside the office.
Female employee: Why do they have a check stop there? It’s only 3:15 pm. Who drives drunk at 3 pm on a Wednesday?
Male employee: John would, but he’s stuck here right now!
John, overhearing from office: Hey!


Sorry About Your Special-Needs Phone, Ma’am

Server to hippie-looking female customer with big smartphone: That’s a big phone.
Customer: Yeah, it’s the actual case of the phone that makes it big. I’m clumsy so it needs the equivalent of a football helmet. (pause) And I’m really important.

Durango, Colorado

Overheard by: nrr

Well I’m Not Sore, for One Thing.

Advisor #1: Wow, you’re really almost done packing up your office. All the rainbow stuff is gone…
Advisor #2: I never had any rainbow stuff up. It was just colorful.
Advisor #1: True. It’s like the party’s over.
Advisor #2: Yup. The make-up’s off. My hair’s messed up… Can’t find my underwear.
Advisor #1: Wait, how is that different from any other day?

Manhattan, New York

Overheard by: Daniel