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Men Aren't Supposed to Have Feelings, but They Do

Sales guy #1: He said you didn't run stairs, and you're saying you did run stairs. So did you run stairs or not?
Sales guy #2: What else did he say?
Sales guy #1: Well, I didn't want to tell you… but he called you fat, and said you were too fat to run stairs.
Sales guy #2: (shuffling noises)
Sales guy #1: Are you going to cry and move your desk away from mine again? I'm not the one who said it, he… c'mon man, don't move, come on back over here… Fine. Whatever.

Irvine, California

Overheard by: Fred

Oh, Wait! Was He That Guy in Bill and Ted?

History major associate: That little dude is such a jerk! He’s got a major Napoleon complex going on.
Blonde assistant manager: Really? But he doesn’t have a big nose or curly hair or glasses…
History major associate: What? Not Napoleon Dynamite! Napoleon Bonaparte!
Blonde assistant manager: Oh. I don’t know then, I don’t watch the news.

Overpriced soap store
Buffalo, New York

Overheard by: she’s our assistant manager