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Men Aren’t Sup­posed to Have Feel­ings, but They Do

Sales guy #1: He said you did­n’t run stairs, and you’re say­ing you did run stairs. So did you run stairs or not?
Sales guy #2: What else did he say?
Sales guy #1: Well, I did­n’t want to tell you… but he called you fat, and said you were too fat to run stairs.
Sales guy #2: (shuf­fling nois­es)
Sales guy #1: Are you go­ing to cry and move your desk away from mine again? I’m not the one who said it, he… c’­mon man, don’t move, come on back over here… Fine. What­ev­er.

Irvine, Cal­i­for­nia

Over­heard by: Fred

Oh, Wait! Was He That Guy in Bill and Ted?

His­to­ry ma­jor as­so­ciate: That lit­tle dude is such a jerk! He’s got a ma­jor Napoleon com­plex go­ing on.
Blonde as­sis­tant man­ag­er: Re­al­ly? But he does­n’t have a big nose or curly hair or glass­es…
His­to­ry ma­jor as­so­ciate: What? Not Napoleon Dy­na­mite! Napoleon Bona­parte!
Blonde as­sis­tant man­ag­er: Oh. I don’t know then, I don’t watch the news.

Over­priced soap store
Buf­fa­lo, New York

Over­heard by: she’s our as­sis­tant man­ag­er