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Slightly More Than Schindler’s List

Office lady #1: Should I rent Transamerica? I heard it was a comedy. I’m worried about handling the whole sex change thing. How can that be funny?
Office lady #2: I recommend it, but it’s about a personal journey — it’s not a comedy.
Office lady #1: Is it funny?

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

9AM Back to Work

Receptionist: Hey, help me with this list. The boss wants me to go to the store and get some stuff for the coffee room. You know, stuff like filters and cups and stuff. But I can’t figure out what these icet rays are.
HR clerk: Let me see the list…Sweetie, this says ice trays. You know, for the freezer to freeze water into cubes.
Receptionist: Are you sure? Because if the boss wants icet rays, that’s what I better get.
HR clerk: Well okay, if you really want icet rays, try the office supply store and make them check in the back. You may have to ask for their manager.
Receptionist: Thanks, see you in a little while.
HR clerk: You know, I should have used that opportunity to sell her a bridge.

5760 Highway 80
Pearl, Mississippi

Overheard by: Brain Dancing