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The More Meet­ings We Have to Im­prove Things, the Worse Things Get

Tech man­ag­er: The sales man­ag­er can­not take that com­plaint call be­cause he is prepar­ing to go to a CRM meet­ing.
Tech su­per­vi­sor: What is CRM?
Tech man­ag­er: Cus­tomer re­la­tions man­age­ment.
Tech su­per­vi­sor: Can you see the irony in that?
Tech man­ag­er: Well, they are hav­ing this meet­ing so that this sort of prob­lem does­n’t hap­pen.
Tech su­per­vi­sor: Can you see the irony in that, too?

Hous­ton, Texas

Raise Your Hand If You Hate Be­ing First-Named by Strangers, Re­gard­less Of Col­or

Irate black sec­re­tary, get­ting off phone: Damn bill col­lec­tors, al­ways ask­ing for me by my full name. Know he did­n’t know me ei­ther, cause none of my friends call me Pa­tri­cia, and he sound­ed white. Lord knows that I don’t have any white friends.

One Penn Plaza, Man­hat­tan

Over­heard by: The white guy who thought he was a friend

He’s a Lucky Guy, Doc

Re­cep­tion­ist: Your hus­band is on line one.
Chi­ro­prac­tor: I just had a stinky fart.
Re­cep­tion­ist: Thanks for shar­ing!

St. John’s