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So Do­ing It to Jews Is Okay?

Man read­ing aloud from news­pa­per: North Car­oli­na law de­scribes ma­li­cious cas­tra­tion as cut­ting off, maim­ing or dis­fig­ur­ing a per­son­’s gen­tiles…

725 West Golf Road
Hoff­man Es­tates, Illi­nois

Over­heard by: Gen­tile In­tac­tus

You Can’t Teach If Your Lib­er­al Cre­den­tials Get Re­voked

Pro­fes­sor: Yeah, my daugh­ter’s hav­ing a slum­ber par­ty tonight. She in­vit­ed eight girls, but one of them can’t come be­cause she’s a Jew.
Grad stu­dent: Oh…
Pro­fes­sor: I mean, be­cause there’s a Jew­ish hol­i­day this week­end she has to ob­serve.
Grad stu­dent: Oh, okay. Not be­cause you don’t al­low them in your home…

Chapel Hill, North Car­oli­na