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You’re a Good Speak­er If Even Half Your Au­di­ence Takes Your Ad­vice

Em­ploy­ee #1: So this pre­sen­ta­tion on cus­tomer ser­vice was just so stu­pid! The speak­er kept say­ing that to dif­fuse tense sit­u­a­tions, you should re­it­er­ate back to the cus­tomer why they’re up­set to show that you un­der­stand their point of view! I to­tal­ly dis­agree. I hate when that hap­pens! That’s just so dumb.
Em­ploy­ee #2: So if I un­der­stand this cor­rect­ly, Alan*, you think it’s a bad idea to sum­ma­rize why a cus­tomer is un­hap­py and re­state that back to them.
Em­ploy­ee #1: Yes, ex­act­ly!

At­lanta, Geor­gia