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There Are So Few Good Roles for African-Amer­i­can Ac­tress­es

Cus­tomer: Last week I bought two of these toy bull­doz­ers for my nephews, and I’d like to ex­change this one for a back­hoe.
CSR: Okay.
Cus­tomer: Would you like me to go back to the toy de­part­ment and get the oth­er one?
CSR: No, I’ll page and have some­one bring one up here for you. [Over in­ter­com] At­ten­tion, Toy De­part­ment. Will some­one please bring a black ho to the ser­vice desk? I re­peat, we need a black ho at the ser­vice desk.

Val­ue City
In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

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Bugs on the Brain, I Sup­pose

La­dy in queue to group of young peo­ple: When I was at school I was re­ferred to as be­ing a bit odd. But I did­n’t mind be­ing dif­fer­ent, I en­joyed sci­ence sub­jects like bi­ol­o­gy. Learn­ing about or­gasms and bac­te­ria. Wait! Did I just say what I think I said?


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Video Does­n’t Lie

Pres­i­dent to a client on the phone: He’s a busi­ness guy, he knows about pen­e­tra­tion. He re­al­ly knows how to go deep.

New Jer­sey

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