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It On­ly Solves the Back End of the Prob­lem

En­gi­neer #1: Why on Earth do we have to use this?
IT work­er: We’re com­mit­ted to us­ing our own so­lu­tion.
En­gi­neer #1: Yeah, I un­der­stand the dog food ra­tio­nale.
En­gi­neer #2: The prob­lem is that it’s not dog food. It’s kit­ty lit­ter.

401 El­liott Av­enue West
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

A Poor Work­man Blames His Tool

Ca­ble guy: We’re go­ing in ex­ist­ing box­es and if their box­es are crooked then there’s re­al­ly noth­ing we can do about it.

Galve­ston, TX