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It Says, “If I See You I Will Kill You”

Ad­min: I am go­ing to heav­en!
Boss: What makes you think that?
Ad­min: I wrote my broth­er a let­ter.
Boss: How long has he been in jail?
Ad­min: Two years, and I have not spo­ken to him since my friend got killed.
Boss: Sooo, you think be­cause you wrote him a let­ter you are go­ing to heav­en? Do you for­give him?
Ad­min: Hell no! If I see him, I will kill him. But I wrote him a let­ter!

Dal­las, Texas

In­vest­ment Wanker Hard at Work

Cube rat on phone: Some­times when you go ver­ti­cal it’s hot­ter than hor­i­zon­tal… You just have to play with it. Some­times when I’m shoot­ing and I’m too far away from the men’s room…

Ow­ings Mills, Mary­land

Over­heard by: wid­get