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Stupidity is an International Language

Dell Support operator: OK, sir, now I’m going to need you to insert your System CD. Do you have that handy?
Irish customer: Is dat dis Pentanium ting?

The other listeners on conference laugh.

Dell Support operator: Excuse me, sir, there’s a lot of background noise. I’m just going to turn off the other microphones.

–As a novel approach to caller boredom while waiting for a techSupp droid to become free, Dell have instituted a situation where callers get to listen in while said droid deals with the calls ahead of one in the queue.

So the overhearing was actually pretty widely geographically
distributed, between:

The charmin’ Irish Callcentre colleen, who was wherever in Ireland Dell have their support centre;
Her interlocutor, who by his accent was also in that country;
The various other listeners-in, who might have been anywhere in
Me, at Long Lane, Newbury, England.

Overheard by: CDWriter