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Stu­pid­i­ty is an In­ter­na­tion­al Lan­guage

Dell Sup­port op­er­a­tor: OK, sir, now I’m go­ing to need you to in­sert your Sys­tem CD. Do you have that handy?
Irish cus­tomer: Is dat dis Pen­ta­ni­um ting?

The oth­er lis­ten­ers on con­fer­ence laugh.

Dell Sup­port op­er­a­tor: Ex­cuse me, sir, there’s a lot of back­ground noise. I’m just go­ing to turn off the oth­er mi­cro­phones.

–As a nov­el ap­proach to caller bore­dom while wait­ing for a tech­Supp droid to be­come free, Dell have in­sti­tut­ed a sit­u­a­tion where callers get to lis­ten in while said droid deals with the calls ahead of one in the queue.

So the over­hear­ing was ac­tu­al­ly pret­ty wide­ly ge­o­graph­i­cal­ly
dis­trib­uted, be­tween:

The charmin’ Irish Call­cen­tre colleen, who was wher­ev­er in Ire­land Dell have their sup­port cen­tre;
Her in­ter­locu­tor, who by his ac­cent was al­so in that coun­try;
The var­i­ous oth­er lis­ten­ers-in, who might have been any­where in
Me, at Long Lane, New­bury, Eng­land.

Over­heard by: CD­Writer