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That’s More of a Lamb’s Name

Super-rich boss’s wife: So you know how we always call my husband God?
Employees at luncheon: [Puzzled silence] Super-rich boss’s wife: Seriously, you know how we call him God?
Employees at luncheon: [Silence] Super-rich boss’s wife: Well, I bought him a horse! And we’re going to call it Jesus! Isn’t that hilarious?

2725 Henry Street
Augusta, Georgia

3PM Finalize Schedules

Boss: Could you tell me what your holiday vacation is going to be?
Employee: I will be taking 2 weeks off as I am having a problem with my vagina.

5 minutes later: a group email asking everyone to please email their schedule.

1755 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, Ontario

Confirmed: Boston is Heck

Worker #1: If we work here much longer, we are going to die and go straight to hell.
Worker #2: Oh, yeah? Check the address on your business card…where did you think you’ve been working?
Worker #1: Oh! Well, that explains the lack of promotion, compensation, benefits, office politics and your dead-man’s tan!
Worker #2: Close, but the “tan” is from the fluorescent lights.
Worker #1: Hell is as hell does.

800 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts