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No, He Works in a Back Room. Big Whoop.

Co-work­er #1: When­ev­er you pass by there’s nev­er any­one in there.
Co-work­er #2: It’s prob­a­bly a Front.
Co-work­er #1: It is a front; there’s a fight club go­ing on in the back room.
Co-work­er #3: I know a guy that works at one of those.
Co-work­er #1: He works at a fight club?

685 Cath­cart Street
Mon­tre­al, Que­bec

Over­heard by: Tim­my O’ Toole

You’ve Got All Week­end to Find One, Folks

Ed­i­tor #1: I don’t know why that French re­porter could­n’t find a trans­gen­dered per­son. It’s not like trans­gen­dered peo­ple are a rare species that you can’t find any­where.
Ed­i­tor #2: Maybe she did­n’t know where to look.
Ed­i­tor #1: What do you mean, “where to look”? Trans­gen­dered peo­ple are every­where.

487 Green­wich Street
New York, NY