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Why All Gelatin Is Male.

Cubicle girl #1: Damn! No toilet paper!
Cubicle girl #2, hesistantly: No. None in here, either.
Cubicle girl #1: Argh, I'll just have to wiggle. (pause) I hate wiggling! (pause) Only boys should have to wiggle.

Girls' Toilets

Overheard by: Disturbed Toilet User

9AM The Mornings Keep Coming

Secretary: Good morning, Mr. [Stirner].
Caseworker: Good morning. Oh shit! What happened to your hair?
Secretary: Nothing, why?
Caseworker: Everytime I see you, your hair is a different color. what color will it be tomorrow?
Secretary: I haven’t decided. What color do you suggest? Green, purple, gold?

815 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York

Overheard by: BabyGirl