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And Yet, They Give Away Lol­lipops

Rant­i­ng cowork­er fill­ing out de­posit: Where do all the pa­per clips go? Every­thing gets pa­per-clipped to­geth­er, and I nev­er see the pa­per clips again! I’ll bet the bank takes all the pa­per clips from our de­posits, puts them in­to lit­tle box­es and sells them back to us — that’s where the bank re­al­ly makes its mon­ey, you know.

291 High­way
Lib­er­ty, Mis­souri

Over­heard by: steal­ing the pa­per clips

…What­ev­er Your Name Is.

Girl: So I got a phone call from a guy I met at the bar last week.
Guy: Oh, yeah?
Girl: I did­n’t re­mem­ber him and he got up­set.
Guy: What ex­cuse did you use?
Girl: I told him that I was with a lot of guys that night.
Guy: You’re awe­some.

Queen’s Quay

Over­heard by: Gib­ber

With No Yeast?

Em­ploy­ee: Hi! Can I help you?
Woman: Can I have a six-inch BLT on Ital­ian?
Em­ploy­ee: I’m sor­ry, we’re out of Ital­ian.
Woman: Can I just have white bread?
Em­ploy­ee: That’s the same as Ital­ian.
Woman: Do you have plain bread?

13600 Solomons Is­land Road
Solomons, Mary­land

Over­heard by: I hate Jared.