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3PM Coffee Break

Humanitarian #1: If only the Superdome were in better shape.
Humanitarian #2: I’ve been in the Superdome and the Astrodome.
Humanitarian #1: The Astrodome? Is that the Astros?
Humanitarian #2: No.
Humanitarian #1: What’s the Astrodome?
Humanitarian #2: It’s where the Astros played.
Humanitarian #1: Where do they play now?

1001 G Street NW
Washington, DC

Also, Will I Meet a Tall Dark Stranger on an Upcoming Voyage?

Customer: I need to have some work done on my car, and I want to know how much it’s going to cost.
Shop guy: Okay, let’s go take a look.
Customer: Well, the car isn’t here, it’s at my house.
Shop guy: You need to bring the car here if you want an estimate.
Customer: I don’t need an estimate, I just want to know how much it’s going to cost.

Auto body shop
New Jersey

Why You Should Have Sex before Marriage

Newlywed father-to-be on phone to coworker: Yeah, it’s great! Although… It’s very large and hard… For some reason I thought it would be squishy.

4001 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Overheard by: Really hopes he’s talking about his wife’s belly…