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The Email Nev­er Came

Girl tech: We are block­ing emails to our cus­tomers with the word dis­burse­ment in it be­cause of “se­men”.
Head tech dude: Se­men?
Guy tech #1: Are you sure se­men is­n’t some­where else?
Guy tech #2: Se­men? Like the nasty stuff?
Head tech dude: We’ll have to ad­just the fil­ter, we are block­ing re­im­burse­ment too.
Girl tech: Jeez, this block­ing could cause all sorts of prob­lems.

9001 Shel­byville Road
Louisville, Ken­tucky

Over­heard by: Andy Goss

A Dirty Mind Makes Oth­er­wise Dull Days Bear­able

Fe­male cowork­er: Any­body need any­thing? I’m go­ing to go down to the vend­ing ma­chines, I need a lit­tle pro­tein with my carb this morn­ing.
(male cowork­er gives a sug­ges­tive chuck­le)
Fe­male cowork­er: Noth­in’ out­ta you! (pause) Wait…crap, I did­n’t mean it that way!

Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

Over­heard by: jearu

11AM For­ward Files

Boss: I need you to email this to [Kevin].
As­sis­tant: No prob­lem, I have the elec­tron­ic ver­sion right here. I’ll email it out in a sec.
Boss: Great…Oh, and make sure my notes don’t show up when you send it out.
As­sis­tant: Your notes?
Boss: Yeah, the notes I wrote there in the mar­gins.
As­sis­tant: Um, don’t wor­ry. They won’t.
Boss: Great, thanks.

As­sis­tant: Just fuck­ing re­tire already…Jesus!

300 West Pratt Street
Bal­ti­more, Mary­land