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10AM Grab a Donut

GM: Why don’t we have any donuts? We should have a Donut Day.
HR Manager: That won’t fly, [Kevin]. I’m trying to promote wellness.
GM: Donuts make me feel well.

2512 Sage Valley Drive
Gillette, Wyoming

Overheard by: John Pettyjohn

11AM E-mail Helen

Employee #1: Helen, what’s your e-mail address?
Employee #2: [email protected][overheard].com
Employee #1: So that’s H-E-E-E–
Employee #2: No, H-E-H-E.
Employee #1: Okay, like “hee hee”?
Employee #2: Yes. Q-I–
Employee #1: “Hee hee chin chee”?
Employee #2: No.

1088 Yanan West Road
Shanghai, China

Overheard by: Tom Will

10AM Catch Up!

Office worker #1: My goodness, I have so much work that even if I stayed at work 24 hours it still wouldn’t even put a dent in my workload.
Office worker #2: Wow, you have that much work?
Office worker #1: No…it’s just that I’m always too busy farting around to get any work done.

475 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, California

Overheard by: Remy Rawrs

2PM File Claims

Department Manager: How do we file a claim?
Insurance Rep: Just download a claim form and fax it to us with your bill from the doctor.
Department Manager: Do we have to fax the original bill or can we just fax a copy?
Insurance Rep: Um…yes, it’s a fax.

3900 West Avera Drive
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Overheard by: AllGladHere