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It’s Hard to Pay At­ten­tion When You’re Speak­ing in Glyphs

Co-work­er: Okay class, now I will read the di­a­logue to you and
af­ter­wards ask you ques­tions about it.

He reads the di­a­logue.

Co-work­er: So class, I did­n’t ac­tu­al­ly hear and don’t re­mem­ber any­thing that I just said so can some­one tell me?

Bei­jao, Shunde, Fos­han
Guang dong, Chi­na

Over­heard by: lost in trans­la­tion

I Think That’s Some Kind of Wal­la­by

Guy #1: So my dad was go­ing to com­plain that they did­n’t give him his griev­ance pay.
Guy #2: What’s griev­ance pay?
Guy #1: Well, you know when a mem­ber of your fam­i­ly dies? You get
griev­ance pay so that you can have the day of the fu­ner­al off and the day af­ter. My dad’s pissed ‘cos they won’t give him his griev­ance pay.
Guy #2: Why won’t they pay him?
Guy #1: Be­cause they said his nana’s not part of his in­ter­me­di­ate

153 Camp­bell Street
Bowen Hills, Queens­land

Over­heard by: Mu­rad