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Wait until He Hears Why They’re Representing Him

Attorney reading medical report: Sue*, is this right?
Sue, the paralegal: Yup. Sure is.
Attorney: But… Why does it say ‘Christina*’ on this set of reports, and ‘Christopher’ on this set?
Sue, patting attorney on back: Read it all the way through, you’ll get it.
Attorney, from rear office five minutes later: Oh, lord… He’s… I mean, she’s… I mean… Sue? Can you come in here, please?
Sue, yelling across the office: Did you see the pictures yet?
Attorney: What?! There are pictures?! Where…? Oh, my good god! Sue!

Law office, Broadway
New York, New York

Blade 4: The Retirement

Loud guy in lobby: I mean, I love sharp knives a lot, but not that much. That’s just too much!

495 Metro Place South
Dublin, Ohio

Overheard by: Wondering How Much Is Too Much