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Over­heard HR Vi­o­la­tions

Pro­gram Man­ag­er: Dude! You know that one tech writer, that one chick?
En­gi­neer: Yeah, the old­er one? She’s a nice per­son.
Pro­gram Man­ag­er: Yeah, I know. Man, some­times she gets like this mas­sive camel-toe.
En­gi­neer: Dude, you need whis­per those kinds of things.
Pro­gram Man­ag­er: But man, you could mea­sure it in inch­es! Oh shit, here she comes.

She walks by. The Pro­gram Man­ag­er fol­lows her, turns around sec­onds lat­er and gives the split fin­ger sign.

41311 Vin­cen­ti Court
Novi, Michi­gan

Huey Long, Where Are You Now?

Male ad­min: Did you get up at 4:30 this morn­ing? I don’t think so.
Fe­male ad­min: Yes, I did.
Male ad­min: You got up at 4:30?
Fe­male ad­min: Yes.
Male ad­min: Why?
Fe­male ad­min: I had to clean my chan­de­liers.

512 7th Av­enue
New York, NY