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Overheard HR Violations

Program Manager: Dude! You know that one tech writer, that one chick?
Engineer: Yeah, the older one? She’s a nice person.
Program Manager: Yeah, I know. Man, sometimes she gets like this massive camel-toe.
Engineer: Dude, you need whisper those kinds of things.
Program Manager: But man, you could measure it in inches! Oh shit, here she comes.

She walks by. The Program Manager follows her, turns around seconds later and gives the split finger sign.

41311 Vincenti Court
Novi, Michigan

Huey Long, Where Are You Now?

Male admin: Did you get up at 4:30 this morning? I don’t think so.
Female admin: Yes, I did.
Male admin: You got up at 4:30?
Female admin: Yes.
Male admin: Why?
Female admin: I had to clean my chandeliers. 

512 7th Avenue
New York, NY