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And Colonels!

(dis­cussing an­oth­er fe­male cowork­er).
Fe­male cowork­er: Have you no­ticed how she says “sup” when she comes in in the morn­ing? She sounds all hard and stuff.
Male cowork­er #1: Yeah she’s got a lit­tle bit of ‘hood in her. You got­ta be tough when you’re grow­ing up on the streets of ken­tucky.
Male cowork­er #2: They have streets in ken­tucky?

Raleigh, NC

Fine, but You’re Get­ting a Mus­tache and a Pe­nis Com­ing Out Of Your Mouth.

Scene: Cowork­ers are dis­cussing what to do with the bare space on the lob­by walls af­ter the two por­traits of the for­mer own­ers have been re­moved. Sev­er­al em­ploy­ees have worked for the com­pa­ny more than 20 years.
Cowork­er #1: We could hang por­traits of ri­ta* and bet­ty* since they’ve worked here the longest (40 years and 30 years, re­spec­tive­ly).
Cowork­er #2: What about [my su­per­vi­sor] and me? He’s been here 13 years and I’ve been here 12.

1600 W. Bloom­field Rd.
Bloom­ing­ton, IN

Over­heard by: Four’s A Crowd

Yours Is Look­ing Grim, Doc

New doc­tor at ori­en­ta­tion, af­ter re­ceiv­ing lap­top: What is Out­look?

In­di­anapo­lis, In­di­ana

Ca­reer Tip: Nev­er Drop the First F‑Bomb, Dear Read­er

two ital­ians boys talk­ing and ex­plain­ing about an im­por­tant document;a black amer­i­can is watch­ing them.
Black one: So,what’s that?
Man: This is a piece of pa­per…
Black one: Fuck you.
And leave :).


Over­heard by: Sara