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When Life Hands You Ly­me

Phar­ma­cist to doc­tor: “you are noth­ing in the tick world.”

711 S.L. Young Blvd, Ok­la­homa City

Over­heard by: freudi­an flip

Why Project Man­agers Die Young: Ex­plained

Team lead: Is it due to­day?
Project man­ag­er: Of course! Every­thing’s due to­day! Ex­cept the stuff that was due yes­ter­day…

1006 Mar­ket St
Har­ris­burg, PA

Over­heard by: Justin

Does This Hap­pen in Every Work­place?

Cowork­er #1: (singing)I’m all out of love…
Cowork­er #1&#2: (singing)I’m so lost with­out you. I know you were right, be­liev­ing for so long…

On­tario, Cana­da

Over­heard by: Me­di­aSlave

…She Gets Along with All Of Us Just Great!

Fe­male man­ag­er: We need to get some­body in to fill the po­si­tion.
Male man­ag­er: But no­body is right for it.
Fe­male man­ag­er: You know who could do it, ac­tu­al­ly? We could get sarah back.
Male man­ag­er: Hah! Okay, but you get to man­age her.
Fe­male man­ag­er: Oh, come on! What is your prob­lem with sarah?
Male man­ag­er: She’s stu­pid.
Fe­male man­ag­er: Okay, but–.
Male man­ag­er: She’s just so dumb.
Fe­male man­ag­er: Well, yeah.

Com­muter shut­tle, Boston, MA

Over­heard by: Kit­ty

Why Are You Al­ways Talk­ing About Your Seed?

Cowork­er #1: Every­where I go, there’s rape! Cowork­er #2 frowns.
Cowork­er #1: Seed! Rape­seed! The yel­low stuff in the fields! Cowork­er #2 looks du­bi­ous.
Cowork­er #1: Fine! Cowork­er #1 stalks off.

Stroud, Glouces­ter­shire, Eng­land