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On­ly If I’m Good

Of­fice drone #1: Hey, are you com­ing to bowl­ing?
Of­fice drone #2: I’ll let you know to­mor­row, I have to check with my wife.
Of­fice drone #3: Lame!
Of­fice drone #2: Sor­ry, aren’t you go­ing on hol­i­days with your mum?


Sweet­ie, That Was You on a Voice­mail.

<b>customer ser­vice rep:</b> did we ever get orig­i­nal bills from mk? Did­n’t some­one want them? Some crazy la­dy? Do you know what I’m talk­ing about?… Do I know what I’m talk­ing about?

Fort Mill, SC

Thanks for Noth­ing, Fem­i­nism!

Fe­male cowork­er (ask­ing per­mis­sion to leave desk): Do you need me right now?
Male print­er re­pair­man: No.
Fe­male cowork­er: That’s what men al­ways say to me…

Cham­paign, IL

To Be Fair, This Quote Is Hi­lar­i­ous If You’re Stoned.

Non-na­tive eng­lish speak­er boss: The idee (pro­nounced I‑d) is…
Na­tive eng­lish speak­er col­league in­ter­rupts: Did you mean idea? (high­light­ing the e‑a part).
Non-na­tive eng­lish speak­er boss: No, un­less you say te‑a?! (pro­nounc­ing the e‑a part as in the cor­rect pro­nun­ci­a­tion of idea). Na­tive eng­lish speak­er col­league al­most fell from his chair…

The Nether­lands

The Bro­ken Part

Co-work­er: “I had to ask him, have you ever been told you an angi­na? He said I am a man, not a woman! Yeah, I did­n’t know at first. Its part of your heart.”

Lin­coln, NE

Over­heard by: CA

No Love for Fe­male Gen­i­tal Mu­ti­la­tion?

“the on­ly thing worse than fly­ing coach is an above ground pool.” — my boss talk­ing with a cowork­er while look­ing at face­book pho­tos.

89 5th Av­enue, NYC

Over­heard by: Car­ly