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They're Not As Dirty As You'd Think, Unfortunately.

Coworker #1, trying to identify characters on SpongeBob crackers: What about this one? The monster.
Coworker #2: Oh yeah, the one-eyed one! He's evil, isn't he?
Coworker #1: I dunno–we should google it.
Coworker #3, laughing: Yeah, go ahead and google “one-eyed evil monster,” see what kind of results you get!

Baltimore, Maryland

…But I Wasn't Asking for Romantic Advice

Clever female office drone, seeing torrential rain as she leaves: Should I wait for the rain to stop or risk getting wet?
Stupid female office drone: You could always put a paper bag over your head.
Clever female office drone: Thanks.


Watch As She Grazes in Her Natural Habitat…

Custodian, giving new guy orientation: And these are the restrooms for this end of this floor… (points at female staff) And this is the *nicest* lady…

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Aw gee shucks

Instead Of, You Know, Air Wise.

Coworker to another: It just means I'll be clock-watching, time wise.


Overheard by: In what other sense….???