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I'm Sorry, There's No Bert Here.

Suit on phone: May I please speak with Bob? (pause) Bob… Bob… B as in bob, o, b as in bob!

Jersey City, New Jersey

Overheard by: Hobo Whisperer

Aw Yeah, Baby, I Love My Job!

Manager: These have to go up to corporate review on the third floor by this afternoon. I'm so sick of taking it up the ass for those guys.
Coworker #1: I'll take it up there for you, boss.
Coworker #2: I bet he would.
Coworker #3, oblivious to the sarcasm: I did yesterday.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Overheard by: K/Y

Gym Socks and Rancid Asparagus (Um, We're Guessing.)

Coworker #1: Have you heard about Ben & Jerry's new flavor? Schweddy Balls!
Coworker #2: Seriously?! That's awesome!
(awkward pause)
Coworker #3: I wonder what they taste like?

Spokane, Washington

Overheard by: Adamm

Tonight on Fox: When Good Monologues Go Bad!

IT guy to secretary: I'm sure I'll make some tweaks. I'm a tweaker. Not in the snorting-powder kind of way; just in the red-pen kind of way…

Omaha, Nebraska

Overheard by: Bitter Barren Spinster

…So, to Answer Your Question, We're Open 'til 7.

CSR on phone with customer: Do you like rabbits? I have a bunny at home, yeah. I think people call it a bunny when it's like a pet, and a rabbit would be a wild animal. Although my mother has a wild rabbit as a pet. I think she calls it a rabbit… mine likes hay.

Keene, New Hampshire

Not Anymore, Pal

Coworker to another: Wait, Bo Derek is a girl?

Madison, Wisconsin