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You Mean, Like, The Social Network?

Office girl #1: I hate the IT dept.
Office girl #2: Yeah, I know, let's go catch a movie this Friday.
Office girl #1: They should make a movie about the IT dept.
Office girl #2: I am not a horror fan.

Rockville, Maryland

When Recycling Goes Too Far

Female coworker: So I figured out the cause of my repeated pink eye…
Male coworker: Is it because you use poop as a facial moisturizer? I know it's real moisturizing and all, but you gotta stop doing that!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: WD40

But This Is Fox, Sweetie

Stall dweller: I'm not touching it while my hands are dirty. (sound of the toilet flushing)

TV Studio
Houston, Texas

Overheard by: Tail end of the conversation

…Unless You Want to Hear About My Angry Case Of Crabs?

Clued-out manager on speaker phone with office door wide open: Hi, can I please speak to Mr D*?
Inaudible CSR on speaker phone: (mumbles over the phone)
Clued-out manager: It's personal.
Inaudible CSR: (more mumbling on the phone)
Clued-out manager, raising voice: It's personal.
Inaudible CSR: (more mumbling on the phone)
Clued-out manager, yelling: I said it's personal!
(office staff look over at manager's office)


Overheard by: Cue

Hammocks? Brilliant!

Older female coworker: So I'll be out all next week. My husband I are going camping up the mountains with this other couple we're friends with.
Young male coworker: Oh, so this is a swingers vacation?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your Candor Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

Office guy, returning from lunch: Did someone take a bite out of my chocolate bar while I was gone?
Office girl, sitting behind him: Your suspicions are correct. Yes, I ate your candy bar. Yes, I bought a new one, bit it down with my teeth and put it back in here. Go ahead and eat it though, it's perfectly safe.

Baltimore, Maryland

Overheard by: Myklstarr