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In Home Depot? A Bit…Unfinished.

Male attorney #1: There’s a holiday inn there.
Male attorney #2: We should park across the street.
#1: Why?
#2: Because hotels check license plates. There’s a home depot across the street where we can park.
#1: I wonder how nice the suites are?

Mesa, AZ

Just Another Workplace Boner

employee walks by with noodle bowl for lunch… Other employee yells out “give me a piece of that beef!”

East Hartford, CT

I Very Much Enjoyed the Graph Of the Naked Lady, Though.

Informed decision-making:
Ks house insurance committee member: Have you reviewed the figure in the fiscal note that the department of revenue has submitted?
Reply by ks house majority leader: Yes, and I don’t know how they arrived at that figure. I don’t understand all the charts, but I do know that I don’t agree with it!
Committee member: Well, me either …

Under the Dome

Overheard by: Election day doesn’t come soon enough

There’s No App for That

Senior developer: See? That’s how this works.
Developer’s boss: I’m not going to get any less confused, am I…

2050 Bleury, Montreal, QC, Canada

IRS: Eh, Close Enough

“I can do math! I know the difference between 106 and 85 is 22!”

Colorado Springs

Shit, I Thought That Was Just Water Weight!

female professional tells her pregnant coworker, who’s wearing a black dress with white polka dots and a yellow belt above her stomach, how cute she looks.
Pregnant professional: It’s the belt. Otherwise, I’d just be a pregnant woman in a polka dot dress.

1221 Ave. of the Americas, NY, NY

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