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And Colonels!

(discussing another female coworker).
Female coworker: Have you noticed how she says “sup” when she comes in in the morning? She sounds all hard and stuff.
Male coworker #1: Yeah she’s got a little bit of ‘hood in her. You gotta be tough when you’re growing up on the streets of kentucky.
Male coworker #2: They have streets in kentucky?

Raleigh, NC

Fine, but You’re Getting a Mustache and a Penis Coming Out Of Your Mouth.

Scene: Coworkers are discussing what to do with the bare space on the lobby walls after the two portraits of the former owners have been removed. Several employees have worked for the company more than 20 years.
Coworker #1: We could hang portraits of rita* and betty* since they’ve worked here the longest (40 years and 30 years, respectively).
Coworker #2: What about [my supervisor] and me? He’s been here 13 years and I’ve been here 12.

1600 W. Bloomfield Rd.
Bloomington, IN

Overheard by: Four’s A Crowd

Career Tip: Never Drop the First F‑Bomb, Dear Reader

two italians boys talking and explaining about an important document;a black american is watching them.
Black one: So,what’s that?
Man: This is a piece of paper…
Black one: Fuck you.
And leave :).


Overheard by: Sara

As Ye Sewer, So Shall Ye Leap, I Suppose

<b>customer service rep:</b> okay… I just hit myself with the bathroom door…
<b>sales manager:</b> you’re just accident prone, aren’t you?
<b>cs:</b> yeah, on a daily basis.
<b>sm:</b> I think my favorite was when you messed up your toe and blamed jane* for leaving the filing drawer open.
<b>cs:</b> that was all jane’s fault! She knows I don’t look down!
<b>sm:</b> didn’t your parents teach you to look where you’re going?
<b>cs:</b> yes, I look ahead of me, in case I walk into a tree or something. Why would I look down?
<b>sm:</b> what if you fall down an open manhole?
<b>cs:</b> where are there manholes?
<b>sm:</b> I forgot, you didn’t grow up in brooklyn. We didn’t have trees, but we were very concerned about open manholes.

Fort Mill, SC

And All My Sister Wives Agree

coworker — that’s really mean to say about my mom. Coworker #2 — no it’s not about her. I said you look like an inbred baby. I didn’t say you were inbred.

Fashion Place Blvd Salt Lake City, Utah

Overheard by: Taylor Hunsaker