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That’s Your An­swer to Every­thing!

Sales man­ag­er: The hard­est meal dur­ing Passover is break­fast. No toast, no mues­li, no ce­re­al… it’s im­pos­si­ble.
Col­league: What about ba­con and eggs?


Over­heard by: Josh P

Tonight: a Very Spe­cial Hoard­ers

Fe­male suit: She just makes the process so dif­fi­cult. I said “well, what does she need?” and she said “she re­al­ly needs a print­er but I al­ready got that. She re­al­ly needs this, but I al­ready got that.” Every­thing she said she need­ed, she said “but I al­ready got that.” So what am I sup­posed to do for her?


Over­heard by: ISP­gyp­sy