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Is­n’t That a Gay Bar for Me­chan­ics?

Em­ploy­ee #1: Well, why don’t you go to sec­ond shift?
Em­ploy­ee #2: I should!
Em­ploy­ee #3: Mandy would shoot you.
Em­ploy­ee #2: She would.

Cincin­nati, Ohio

Di­et or Reg­u­lar Ra­zors?

Cowork­er on cell: Did you pick up the pre­scrip­tion? (pause) How about the coke and the ra­zors?

Woburn, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Chuck­ie

My Wife Got Cus­tody Of Him in the Di­vorce

Cowork­er #1: I had the first an­i­ma­tron­ic doll, Archie Bunker, and he had a pee pee.
Cowork­er #2: You mean “anatom­i­cal­ly cor­rect”?
Cowork­er #1: Oh, yeah, that’s the word!

Win­ches­ter, Vir­ginia