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Not Paying Attention Is the Only Way to Get Through Them, Anyway

Agent #1: Is that Harry Potter on your notebook?
Agent #2: Yeah, I was just writing in it.
Agent #1: I read one of the Harry Potter books. It was totally demonic.
Agent #2: Really? What was the story about?
Agent #1: I don't know. I wasn't paying attention.

San Diego, California

Overheard by: Tonks

Just Like Being Qualified To Teach

Professor: Being safe is like being pregnant, either you are or you aren't.

Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: PT Student

Comparison Shopping With Dad

50-something man: I just don't know. I just think underwire is so uncomfortable.
20-something woman: It's not really that bad. But what I'm really looking for is something sheer and lacey, but not black. I don't care if it has underwire or not. I was thinking I might have to go to the Hustler store.
50-something man: Well, I wouldn't get anything from Hustler unless you absolutely have to. Did you try Frederick's of Hollywood? I can always find stuff there.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now can you quote me a price on those dirty deeds?

Office manager: You don't like Zeppelin?
Assistant: Nope, i never got into Zeppelin…
Office manager: You didn't do drugs, that's why.
Office manager: What about AC/DC?
Assistant: I like AC/DC.
Office manager: You gotta like AC/DC. If you are white, you gotta like them. If you don't, it's just wrong.

Charlotte, North Carolina

German, Jewish, or Both? Discuss.

Receptionist to caller: Haha, you mean eee-been-Steiner? I'll put you through.
Receptionist to coworker: I just had someone call asking for a Mr Effenheimer.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why Married Men Weep Alone at Night, When No One Sees

Nurse #1: Oh my God! Sue's getting married. I can tell she's really happy. I've never seen her smile so much.
Nurse #2: Yeah, I know. She knows she'll never have to give another blowjob again.
Nurse #1, laughing: Hey that's funny. Gee… I can't wait to get married!


Overheard by: Nurse