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Your Editors Can Explain!

Editor #1: I didn't have any of those charges on my card.
Editor #2: Huh. Wonder what I did to warrant a $700 charge from the hotel.
Editor #1: Well, those cheerleaders you ordered…

Baltimore, Maryland

Overheard by: Just the assistant

Poor Courtney Love

Boss to underling: Oh, look… there is a hole, it's just filled with chocolate.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Overheard by: BigGuy

What About Angela from The Office?

Male coworker to female coworker: Hussy!
(female coworker laughs)
Male coworker: I feel completely comfortable calling you that.
Female coworker: That's okay. I know you mean it in a good way.
Male coworker: Would it bother you more if someone called you a hussy or a harlot?
Female coworker: Depends on if they meant it in a bad way or not. But I think “hussy” sounds a little worse. There's a righteous harlot mentioned in the bible. There are no righteous hussies in the bible.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Zombies Are Undemanding Colleagues If You Feed Them

Dull male intern: So, what do you want to do in physical therapy?
New girl intern: Become a physical therapist.
Dull male intern: Oh… I guess that makes sense.

Malvern, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Quick! Flex and grin!

…It's a Kate Spayed

Cubicle lady #1: Is that a dog barking?
Cubicle lady #2: That's my purse barking. (goes on to answer her cell phone)

Louisiana Street
Houston, Texas

Overheard by: Shiela

Always an Advantage in Michigan

Customer: Oh, you're left handed. I heard that the ratio of right to left-handed people is 9 to 1.
Manager: Yeah, but I heard that left-handers have a high death rate!

St. Joseph, Michigan

What's Wrong With the Public Schools, Explained

School principal, during online meeting on interoffice communications: Is the telephone considered non-verbal communication?
Teacher from different school: Yes, since by definition non-verbal communication isn't face-to-face.

Baltimore, Maryland