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Who Says There Are No Gays in In­dia?

Con­sul­tant from In­dia: They should have a word in Eng­lish for up­date, like “up­da­tion”. Then you can know that the thing has been up­dat­ed.
Con­sul­tant from Amer­i­ca: Well, if you look in the dic­tio­nary, they list all the verb tens­es there are… and I… don’t think that’s a word.
Con­sul­tant from In­dia: Yes, I made it up. Like that su­per pow­er frig­gy-lis­cious word from the Mary Pop­plins.

Man­hat­tan, New York

Over­heard by: Lah

Won­der­ing What They’re Re­al­ly Dis­cussing Has Dri­ven Your Ed­i­tors Nuts.

Old la­dy #1: Tea bag? I can’t get the teabag to work.
Old la­dy #2: Why not? It’s not like you’re both­er­ing any­one.
Old la­dy #1: Well, I’d have to lay down and my face might get wet from the teabag.
Old la­dy #2: Yeah, you don’t want teabag juice get­tin’ all over your face.

Del­ran, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Bruce Ban­ner