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Stalk You Later!

Female coworker: See you Friday!
Leaving employee: I'm off Friday!
Coworker: See you Saturday!
Leaving employee: I'm off Saturday!
Coworker: See you next week! (mutters under breath) I guess that's the only other option.

Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: ISPgypsy

Next: Toilet Paper, Over or Under?

VP, strolling into cube farm: Toasters or toaster ovens?
Staffer #1: Toasters.
Staffer #2: Toasters.
Staffer #3: Toaster ovens!
VP: Toasters, right? We already have a toaster oven.
Staffer #4: Definitely toasters.
Staffer #3: No, toaster ovens!
VP: Wait, I want to hear Alice*'s perspective here.
Staffer #3: Toaster ovens do more and they break less often!
Several other staffers: But toasters are faster!
Staffer #5: Boo!
Staffer #3: Never mind, I withdraw my comments. I'm being booed.
VP: Careful, or you'll get voted off the island!

Manhattan, New York

Overheard by: Rose Fox