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…Because It’s All Greek to Me.

Classics student, referring to the original Virgil text: Soooo, you’re saying I have to read the Latin translation as well?

University of Tasmania

You’d Sell to Them, Though

Spanish professor: The books are like crystal meth. You wouldn’t let your friends have it…

Winona State University

…Wanna Do Shots?

Sales rep, sitting across hallway. answering his phone at 11:45 am: Well, good afternoon to you too, especially in the morning.

Hudson, Massachusetts

No Shit?

CSR: Tooting is a warning sign for pooing.


…And Charging for It

Office guy to another: Haven’t you heard? We’re moving to Linux, dude.

Redmond, Washington

Can’t Talk. Liking.

Social media expert: Did you guys know you can actually ‘like’ a page on Facebook from your phone? (pause) I never knew that before!

Norfolk, Virginia