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You Smell Like Gas.

Coworker #1: I was putting gas in the car and the nozzle just sprayed out of the gas tank and all over me. If someone were to light a match, I’d go up in flames. (disappears for a short time to change into a pair of jeans)
Coworker #2, not having heard the previous story: Oh my gosh, are you wearing jeans?
Coworker #1: Yep.
Coworker #2: Why?
(coworker #1 proceeds to retell the gas-spilling story)
Coworker #2: Oh my gosh, do your other pants smell like gas?
Coworker #1, very seriously: Nope, they smell like lemons.

Plymouth, Minnesota

Always a Nice Day for a Weird Wedding

Asian office girl: Yeah, my wedding is going to be a Western wedding and not a traditional Chinese one.
Blonde office girl: (silent and perplexed)
Asian office girl, noticing the confusion: Like, Western culturally. Not like cowboy-and-Indians Western, you know.
Blonde office girl: Ohhhh, okay! I was totally gonna say that would be a really weird wedding!

Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: surrounded by idiots