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Only to a Straight One, Like Ted Haggard.

Office drone #1: Is there any money left for this?
Gay manager: No. Well, there's some money, but I can't give it all to you.
Office drone #1: Well, we need more.
Gay manager: Well, you can't have more. I'll give you half, okay?
Office drone #1: God, you are such a tight arse.
Office drone #2, in panic: You can't say that to a gay homosexual!

South Morang

Overheard by: Straight and amused.

A Little Tip from Us to You: If They Think You're Jewish Anyway, Take Those Holidays Off.

Indian woman: How was your holiday?
White man: Uh, holiday?
Indian woman: Yeah, Rosher Hana?
White man: Rosh Hashanah?
Indian woman: Yeah.
White man: I'm not Jewish.
Indian woman: Oh, you're not?
White man: No. I told you that when you asked me how Passover was.
Indian woman: (silence)
White man: That's okay. That was awhile ago.

Atlanta, Georgia


IT guy #1: Hey, Ted*, I'm gonna start fixing some of these problems in your box.
IT guy #2: You know, I've been doing pretty well getting through them. With that new tool.
IT guy #3: Yeah, that new tool is great! It lets me plow through those new hires quicker than before! I don't know how it works, but they go. Crazy for it!

Sparks, Maryland

Overheard by: Hello, Operator…