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And If We Chilled the Cows…

Sales guy #1: I won­der what milk would taste like if the cow ate an or­ange.
Sales chick: Would a cow even eat an or­ange?
Sales guy #2: Oh, yeah, they’ll eat the hell out­ta them!
Sales guy #1: I guess it would taste like a cream­si­cle… Mmm-mm­mm.

Char­lotte, North Car­oli­na

Over­heard by: I don’t want to know how this start­ed..

When She Writes Emails, She Be­gins Them With “Hi, It’s Kate…”

At­tor­ney, leav­ing voice­mail: Hi, this is Kate. I’m just re­turn­ing your call about the project doc­u­ments. Feel free to call me back at your ear­li­est con­ve­nience. Best, Kate.
(hangs up, then screams) Ohmigod! I just said “best, Kate” at the end of a voice­mail. Who does that? Who leaves voice mails like they’re writ­ing e‑mails?!

Man­hat­tan, New York