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…to Peel My Ba­nanas!

Fe­male teacher: You squashed my ba­nana!
Male teacher: Here, just have my ba­nana.
Fe­male teacher: I don’t want your ba­nana.
Male teacher: Look, just eat my ba­nana.
Fe­male teacher: No!
(male teacher walks away in dis­gust)
Fe­male teacher, shout­ing af­ter him: I on­ly like la­dy fin­gers!

Bar­won Heads

Your Opin­ion Does­n’t Count. You Eat at Ar­by’s.

Ad­min #1: What are you eat­ing? it smells ter­ri­ble.
Ad­min #2: It’s yo­gurt, for Christ’s sake!
Ad­min #1: What kind of yo­gurt?
Ad­min #2: Straw­ber­ry yo­gurt!
Ad­min #1: With cur­dled straw­ber­ries! It stinks!
Ad­min #2: Look, Joe* was just here us­ing the mi­crowave to heat up ass.
Ad­min #1: That ass smelled de­li­cious.

Ford­ham Uni­ver­si­ty
The Bronx, New York