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…When I’m On­line Shop­ping for Purs­es Lat­er.

Male cowork­er #1: I got this cheap laven­der can­dle at Wal­mart and it does­n’t even work! I can bare­ly smell any­thing! I need some aro­mather­a­py.
Male cowork­er #2: I’m telling you, you got­ta buy a Yan­kee can­dle. They’re the best.
Male cowork­er #1: Do they have laven­der?
Male cowork­er #2: Yeah, they have lemon-laven­der, vanil­la-laven­der…
Male cowork­er #1: I want just reg­u­lar laven­der. I’ll check their web­site…

Wash­ing­ton, DC

I Kept Chok­ing on Them…Stop Laugh­ing!

Fe­male sales rep #1: It’s just a huge ba­nana. I can’t stand them, they’re too big.
Fe­male sales rep #2: (laughs a lit­tle)
Fe­male sales rep #1, an­noyed: I said “ba­nanas,” stop laugh­ing! It’s just that I’m used to small­er ones, those were just too big.
Fe­male sales rep #2: (laughs hard­er)

Del­ran, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: Bruce Ban­ner