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Weird­est. Venus Ra­zor Com­mer­cial. Ever.

La­dy #1: I just had to ex­plain to a 21-year-old what it’s like to go to the gy­no for the first time. I ex­plained get­ting pried apart, the ovary ex­am and the breast ex­am.
La­dy #2: What about the anal ex­am?
Ladies #1 and #3: (blank stare) What are you talk­ing about?
La­dy #2: Don’t you get an anal ex­am at your gy­no?
Ladies #1 and #3: No!
La­dy #1: You were vi­o­lat­ed!
La­dy #3: This is why I have a fe­male gy­ne­col­o­gist.
La­dy #2: Well, that would ex­plain why he com­pli­ment­ed me on my shave, too.

Hous­ton, Texas

Over­heard by: Rizzy

And CDs Are the Dev­il’s Fris­bees!

Young hip­ster : You all should come to this CD re­lease par­ty! You too, Sue*, I’ll even buy you a Shirley Tem­ple!
Old fash­ioned, anal re­ten­tive co-work­er: I don’t drink.
Hip­ster: But it’s non-al­co­holic!
Old fash­ioned, anal re­ten­tive co-work­er: I said I don’t drink, I don’t drink non-al­co­holic!
Hip­ster, con­fused: But, uh… There’s no al­co­hol in it.
Old fash­ioned, anal re­ten­tive co-work­er, get­ting irate: I don’t care! I won’t drink it!

St. Louis, Mis­souri